Meritus was founded in 2007 with a mission to build defensible financial models that articulate a company’s vision for growth. We believe real vision comes from the heart, not the mind: Bold, Compelling, and Unique to you. Your vision is our forecast foundation and our goal is to develop a financial plan that assesses your risks, embodies your culture and reflects your vision.


Meritus is an on-demand Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) consulting firm that brings actionable knowledge to business leaders so they can make informed decisions. We do this by understanding your business landscape, identifying your data requirements and helping you set business expectations. With clients ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies, we value long-term partnerships with CEOs and CFOs where we can continuously support their vision and ensure they stay agile to respond to the many challenges faced by growth companies.


Our wide-ranging services, flexibility and scalability guarantee our commitment to your evolving business requirements while our team of highly trained consultants brings experience, expertise and maturity to all levels of engagements. We leverage our comprehensive financial models, project management tools and internal control processes to ensure our services are efficient and quality-driven. Our measure of success is our ability to deliver valuable Insights and Actionable Knowledge.

Check out our new website at www.meritusllc.com


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